Mustafar Jump Prototype Dev.3

In this Dev will show you some new implementations and some Bug fixed, let's Start:

Level 1 is now available

you can play now the first level of the game.

*Level 1 is now in selection options (You can play: Tutorial, Level 1 and Level 2 for now)
Player "Down" or "Falling" Animation
Now the "Falling" animation was fixed to a better one with loop
*Player "Down" animation is now a looping pretty better looking.
Solid Platform in Game
you can see now, the solid platforms will be in Game and some changes y'll see only on "Level 1"
*The "Lava" has changed (Now the lava will no more "One Shoot" the player when is in collision, that  was changed to an "Overlapping hit" like the cupule in Fortnite for example but more faster)
Lava "new" Change
This is practically a nerf to the lava system but it makes more sense to the player and give him some oportunity to win the game
*Music bug fixed (When you win or lose, the background music doesn't stop playing), now the music is not a looping bug when youre out of the game.
Background Music is now fixed
Putting a Tag on the music to stop it by force is a wonderfull solution
*Fixed some bugs that makes the player animation invisible or not visible when youre playing (The Z order was probablly affecting the "Player" position.
*New Implementation for the "Bent Platform System" (Now you can see Bent Platforms in the Level 1), this don't change much the game but make it look more dynamic.
Bent or Curved Platform
this can apply to all existent platform
-Thats all the Patch for now, next time probablly we'll see  new implementations between "Boss Fight" and "Multiplayer System" but that will take more time.
Thanks for supporting "Mustafar Jump Prototype" you can help me with some Feedbacks and looking for an bug inside the game to fix.


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Sep 19, 2018

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