Mustafar Jump Prototype Dev.2

This new Dev is about a lot of new thinghs and fix some thinghs too

New Title Screen with credits

Now with the implementation of music, this looks more pretty

*Now the game have three Music (Title Screen/ In Game/ Game Over)
*The game have Sounds effect (Player Jumping/Player Shooting/Enemy dying)
New Selection Screen
In this Screen you have a lot of new options
*Tutorial Playable

*Level 2 Playable
*Control A (Move with Arrows and shoot with ASWD)

*Control B (Move with ASWD and shoot with Arrows)

*Ok Buttom (To accept and play the selected option)

*Some visual and diverse Details to the Game (Title Screen/Tutorial Level)

*Changing some variables and fixing mechanics

*Fixing the incoming bugs for the new implementation

Thats all for now, simple but significantlly.

Video of Speedruns in Construct 2:


MFP Parche 2 MB
Sep 14, 2018

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